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致命录像带85 TC中字

分类: 恐怖片 美国 2023

导演:大卫·布鲁克纳  斯科特·德瑞克森  吉吉·索尔·格雷罗  Natasha Kermani  迈克·P·纳尔逊   


Shudder & Studio71’s Cinepocalypse & Bloody Disgusting-produced V/H/S/99 isn’t even out yet and we’re already rewinding all the way back to the 1980s with V/H/S/85!   The news was announced out of the New York Comic Con where Shudder is putting our V/H/S/99 on display ahead of the October 20th release date.   Directors are already locked for V/H/S/85 and filming is currently underw...



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