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正排老公 更新至03集

分类: 泰国剧 泰国 2023

导演:Chik  Sakon  Tiacharoen   


据说,从同一个卵子产生的同卵双胞胎将共享一条纽带,就好像他们是同一个人一样。但不是同卵双胞胎“Sprite”和“zee”。尽管从出生起就走着和运动员一样的路线,但两人都想成为唯一!   It is said that identical twins who are produced from the same egg will share a bond as if they were the same person. But not with "Sprite" and "Zee", the identical twins. Despite following the same route as an athlete from birth, both want to be the only one!


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